In 2010, on the basis of "Palitra" company was established "Palitra Qroup". The basis for this step was the increase in the company's products "Palitra" different direction and its subsequent separation and formation of a subsidiary company. An example of this is the company Eurotech representing locally built-in appliances such leading brands as: "Gaggenau", "Kuppersbusch", "Bosch" and "Siemens". The formation of this company was the signing of a contract on cooperation with these brands and organize a complete system implementation and maintenance. Another example is the company "Canyon", which is the official distributor of rights is in our market the products of the American company "Du Pont" namely artificial stone "Corian". Because of its properties and characteristics of this type of artificial stone found its application not only in the furniture industry and interior-exterior design, but also in construction, medical, and other fields. Today, there are many alternative materials similar to "Corian", but not one of these materials has all the characteristics and qualities that are unique to artificial stone "Corian".



The company "Unicus", which is also part of the company "Palitra Qroup" is high-quality accessories and components for furniture production by the leading European companies in Italy, Germany and Austria. Close cooperation with European companies can provide the most complete range of accessories and components for furniture with high quality guarantee.

Two other companies, which were included in the "Palitra Group" steel company "inci Dekor" and "Palitra Doors". The company "Palitra Doors" is engaged in wood processing and the production of high-quality interior doors, wooden stairs and decorative elements on the latest technologies from leading European manufacturers. The range of performance doors is very high, from classic to modern style, using an array of rare species of veneer and also special paints and varnish.